Vaginismus book: Private Pain

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undefined April 2002 ISBN 0-9700298-1-0 (out of print)

Second edition:
June 2005 ISBN 0-9700298-2-9 (out of print)

Third edition (soft cover):
March 2013 ISBN 978-0-9700298-3-6

Third edition in e-book format:
March 2013 ISBN 978-0-9700298-5-0

Vaginismus and dyspareunia are common female conditions, affecting lives on many levels and causing physical pain, emotional anguish, and the sense of failure and sexual inadequacy. The shame that is associated with the inability to have vaginal penetrations often forces women into hiding behind a veil of silence. Healthcare professionals share the frustration in encountering a void in available resources and training regarding proper management of these conditions. This book, which includes extensive explanations, real - life stories of patients and partners, and treatment options, should be of great value to sufferers, partners, family members, healthcare professionals and spiritual leaders who will now be able to better understand the nature and management of these conditions.

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The following are by the professionals who contributed to the Forword of the book:

"If you are diagnosed with vaginismus, remember: you are not alone! You do not need to live in secrecy or be embarrassed. You need to get help from professionals who understand what you are experiencing."

Heather Applebaum, MD
Clinical Instructor, Department of Obstetric, Gynecology and Women's Health
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, School of Medicine, New York
Attending physician, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, New York

"This book is a wonderful resource of information, support and guidance. It deserves a wide audience among all those who care for women with vaginismus and related difficulties. I cannot rave enough about the authors and their writings."

Deborah Morgan Davenport, MD, FACOG
Attending Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
State University of New York, Stony Brooks School of Medicine

"Hope is available and you will find the beginning ray of hope as you read this book. Every effort must be make to educate the medical community and anyone who may counsel vaginismus sufferers, including therapists and clergy. Without our help, these women have nowhere to turn."

Rev, Dr. Marvin H. Dennis
Good Shepard Wesleyan Church, Carson City, Nevada

"It is important to explain to the struggling couple that vaginismus does exist; that it is a medical condition and not a personal abnormality, that they are not alone in their suffering; and that there is help."

Rabbi Aaron S. Jacobowitz
Founder/Director, Procreative Consultants, Brooklyn, New York

"The inspiring content of this book will, undoubtedly, serve to reassure women around the world that they are not the only one who suffer of this condition, and that - yes - there is a cure!"

William A. Granzig, Ph.D., FAACS
Chancellor-Dean of the Faculty
Professor of Clinical Sexology
American Academy of Clinical Sexologists at Maimonides University, Miami Beach, Florida


Table of Contents (299 pages):


Chapter 1: Am I the Only One?
Chapter 2: The Girl Without a Hole
Chapter 3: Internet Inquiries
Chapter 4: What Is Vaginismus?
Chapter 5: Vaginismus Statistics
Chapter 6: Is There a Cure for Vaginismus?
Chapter 7: What Causes Vaginismus?
Chapter 8: The Diagnosis and Symptoms of Primary Vaginismus
Chapter 9: About Secondary Vaginismus
Chapter 10: Understanding Dyspareunia
Chapter 11: Coping with Vaginismus
Chapter 12: The Impact on Partner
Chapter 13: Misconceptions about Treating Vaginismus
Chapter 14: How Do Teen Girls Perceive Their Body?
Chapter 15: Yes, There Is a Cure for Vaginismus!
Chapter 16: The Blue Line
Chapter 17: Empowerment
Chapter 18: Epilogue
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