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Dear W-WTC,

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you have opened your doors to treat vaginismus and help countless women.  I am not one of those women that could cure themselves.  I needed the guidance and support of professionals.  During the tow weeks that I was in New York, you treated with care and dignity that I’ve never experienced from the medical field.  Aki and I felt completely at home with you all.  You held my hand, helped me take control of my anxiety, and beat my vaginismus!  You’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

My life completely changed for the better after my stay — I have the ability to create any kind of future I want and for that I will always be thankful.  From now on I’m calling you the “W-WTC” or the WONDER-Women’s Therapy Center, not only because you are all wonder women, but you make your patients feel that way too.


KT – vaginismus patient #1082 (June 2014)