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I’m so thankful for everything you taught me…

Posted by Ditza Katz in Vaginismus Blog 21 Apr 2014

Hi Everyone!
Do you still remember me?
Weeks have passed since my first intercourse and now I’m at a point where it almost feels like I never had a problem. It comes more and more natural every time . I feel so happy that it works out so fine. It’s fascinating to me how I can control my body with my mind.

I’m so thankful for everything you taught me, how comfortable and welcome you made me feel and your effort to accommodate my needs. My dream came true and the most stunning thing about it is, that you didn’t do it like a magician but you made me do it. :)

I’m so inspired by your work, it really motivates me in my idea to study psychology. Maybe I’m going to be a sexual and woman psychologist just like you! I feel like this topic is too less spoken about and there are so many more girls and woman like me in the world who have no idea that there are not the only one who have a problem with sex.

I hope I can get around to visit you some time. It would be a huge honor if you could maybe even teach me some more stuff or at least tell me about your experiences in your careers!

Have a wonderful spring!
K. (April 2014)