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Creative Financing

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For some, the cost of treatment does not pose a financial concern. For others, it may make it prohibitive. The following are creative ways that past patients with limited funds used to afford the treatment (these are true accounts as told us first hand):

  • Book months in advance and use the time in between to save money.
  • Approach a family member, typically the mother/grandmother, tell them about the problem (a medical condition that needs help!) and ask for financial assistance, a loan, etc.
  • Pay by credit card, and then make monthly payments to the account.
  • Get a loan from a Credit Union.
  • Take a part-time job to supplement income.
  • Take out a loan, a second mortgage on your house, or a Home Equity loan. Read Becky’s testimonial.
  • Use money in Medical Flex Spending account.
  • Share the cost with a boyfriend/partner.
  • Raise donations, such as through GoFundMe or GoGetFunding.com.  Can’t believe it? You may want to read Couple can’t have sex due to painful condition, vaginismus, and also watch the video below about another woman’s success going this route.
Watch Creative Financing for Vaginismus Treatment
VIDEO: I had only 2 months to come up with $13,000... I decided to raise donations... I was apprehensive about putting up my story but, amazing things happened...