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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I tell my boss that I need time off?

Once we meet and establish a plan of care, we will be happy to provide you with a letter to your employer requesting medical time off for attending your scheduled treatment sessions. Our experience suggests that most employers are compliant, and rarely inquire as to details.  However, should they ask, you can either tell the truth or say that you are undergoing infertility treatment , a topic that will usually put an end to the conversation...

What about my anxiety about being touched?

Yes, we know about your anxiety -- most patients are anxious before the first treatment session, including worries about pain and about what will actually happen during the treatment. The treatment process is challenging yet gradual as per each woman's pace. There are never any physical restraining nor forcing of any sort – it is up to you to want to be treated and be cured.  Our treatment includes anxiety/panic management so rest assured we'll make you feel empowered instead of frightened if you are willing to follow our instructions. Pain? Not really, and certainly not any worse that you've experienced before you came to us!  The anticipatory anxiety is much worse than anything your vagina will experience...

How will you treat my vulvodynia/vestibulitis?

There are many causes for vulvodynia (and vestibulitis) and the appropriate treatment should address the particular cause. In other words, we will do all that is necessary to identify the source of your situation and then we will recommend a suitable treatment.

I am single – can I still be treated for my vaginismus?

Absolutely. The treatment process is suitable to women who are single as well as to those who have a partner. It is about the woman and her body, not just about sex!

What is your success rate?

Your body is interested in restoring normalcy, and committing to the treatment regimen will ensure that you complete the process successfully. The dropout rate has to do with women who never came back past the first visit, or those who could not afford the treatment, etc. Click here to visit our Statistics link for further information.

What is included in the price of the 2-week program?

The cost of the 2-week program includes unlimited treatment hours as per individual needs, 24 hour phone support, supplies, support for partner (when applicable), and every therapeutic intervention that is needed to resolve the vaginismus. It is an intense program that is specifically tailored (personalized) to meet the needs and abilities of the patient. The cost of the program also includes contact by the patient after discharge, i.e. questions pregnancy and childbirth, sex education, etc.

How do I choose between the 2-week program and the weekly program for my vaginismus?

It is quite simple: The 2-week program is for women with vaginismus who either

  • Live too far to come in for treatment on a weekly basis, or
  • Women with limited vacation time.
Women who live close enough to commute to our office -- for vaginismus treatment and/or for any other treatment that we offer -- are encouraged to opt for weekly sessions.

Does my partner need to come in too?

Not at all. It would be your choice to have him/her join you for the first session, and we will invite him/her to a later session if necessary.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

That will be determined once we go through our in-depth evaluation and get a clear understanding of your needs. In other words, different 'problems' need different approaches and we will plan out your process as per your particular needs. Our intervention is focused and practical, ensuring that the process is as short as possible, yet solid and restorative. You will realize your progress because changes are expected from one session to the next. Generally speaking, it is rare for our patients to keep coming beyond 10-12 sessions unless they are in psychotherapy.

What to expect from a treatment session?

The treatment is practical, focused, short-term, and individualized. Therapeutic approaches may include any combination of hands-on intervention & pelvic floor rehabilitation, sex therapy, counseling, guidance in the areas of self-care and personal hygiene, urogynecologic/sexual care, patient and partner education, and complementary & alternative medicine. A typical session is approximately 50-55 minutes long, dedicated to one patient at a time. Read about insurance reimbursement.