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Before my daughter began therapy…*

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog 10 Apr 2014

Before my daughter began therapy, she was extremely anxious about going to gynecologists because they were unable to use a speculum to examine her. Her entire body would become very tense during the exam and she would cry from the pain. My daughter knew the name for her condition, vaginismus, but could not find any doctor who was able to treat her for it.

During the last few years, especially since a sexual assault by date, my daughter’s personality had changed. She went from being a very cheerful and even-tempered person to being very moody. She often would snap at me for no reason at all. I often felt as if I had to “walk on eggshells” around her in order to maintain harmony. She seemed very unhappy and tense.

During her therapy, she shared a lot of her experiences with me. In the beginning, she was nervous before each session and did not want to go. As she progressed she was excited and determined instead. She was very happy that most of her sessions were successful and that she had finally found therapists who she bonded with from the first meeting, and who understood exactly what her problem was, and were confident that she would be helped. As the treatment progressed, I noticed a change in my daughter’s personality. She seemed happier, more relaxed, and much less temperamental. We were able to carry on conversations without her getting angry at me for no reason and we started spending more time talking together. Her appearance also changed around this time. Her make-up, which had been dark and severe, became much softer, mirroring the change in her.

When she went to the gynecologist following the completion of the “physical” part of her therapy she was a little nervous but also excited because she was confident since she had successfully done the same procedure during therapy many times. She was pretty relaxed during the exam and it went very well!
I think the relaxed atmosphere of the therapy sessions, the pacing of the treatment at my daughter’s comfort level, her determination to be successful, the concentration on her getting to know her body better, and then increase to twice a week sessions were all instrumental in the success. I know that my daughter is continuing her therapy to work on other issues in her life and I’ll continue to give her my support*.

– L.L.

* Results may vary from person to person