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You have transformed my life and marriage!

Posted by Tim Brauning in Uncategorized 18 Jul 2021

Thank you so much Drs Ross and Ditza…you have transformed my life and marriage!

I am a 62-year-old, post-menopausal woman who has suffered from vaginismus my entire adult life. I was too ashamed to go for help and believed that I was less of a woman because of this issue. In fact, I really didn’t understand the condition I had until I saw the doctors on a YouTube video interview and realized that the condition they spoke of was what I’d been dealing with for forty years!

Drs Ross and Ditza were sensitive, wise, and totally committed to my healing. What we accomplished together was nothing short of miraculous.

My profound gratitude and appreciation go to these wonderful healers.

Anonymous (July 2021)

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