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I will start off by saying that my wife*

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog 10 Apr 2014

I will start off by saying that my wife and I waited until we were married to have sex. The first night of our wedding, we were so tired that we fell asleep in the hotel room. We were in Florida when we first tried. It was very hard for my wife. We started off slow, with oral sex, and gradually worked up to intercourse. Oral sex was never a problem for us, my wife felt comfortable with that. When it was time for intercourse, that was a different story. She began getting very nervous, even before we actually started. When we did start, it was tight and I could barely penetrate. She was in such pain that she would cry. By then, I would stop. It would hurt me to see her in pain during intercourse when it was supposed to be pleasurable.

I was not a virgin when we married, so this was difficult for me as well. I thought this was normal at first, with her being a virgin so I did not think there was any problem. Then this kept going on through the entire honeymoon. I was feeling frustrated now. This was not normal. Lovemaking would always end with her crying and with me being frustrated yet trying to comfort her.

I was insisting that she had a problem and needed to see her gynecologist, who then suggested therapy when my wife couldn’t go through a pelvic exam. The therapist was okay but did not help the situation. The gynecologist then recommended the Women’s Therapy Center. This was the third step, hopefully, this would help.

Ditza & Ross have been by far the absolute best solution to my wife’s problem. Since she has been seeing them, not only have the sessions been good for my wife, but good for me as well as I have always tried to be there for her, no matter how hard it was. And, Ditza & Ross have been a comfort to me as well: I have met once with them and they explained every step involved with the therapy.

With a combination of the office visits and the homework, we are having full intercourse now, my wife is no longer nervous and it continues to get better.

Ditza & Ross have not only been my wife’s therapists but friends to both of us. Thank you Ditza & Ross*.


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