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It began to take over all my thoughts*

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog 10 Apr 2014

Finding the Women’s Therapy Center, and Ditza and Ross, was one of the best things that have happened to me. I was married for a few years and have not been able to consummate my marriage. I was sexually abused when I was a little girl.

Every time my husband and I tried to have intercourse we were unsuccessful. I went to see a gynecologist and it proved to be a very bad experience. The doctor suggested I try soaking in a warm bath to try and relax; if that didn’t work, I should call her back and she would order me a set of dilators. The bath didn’t help and I didn’t call her back. We kept trying on our own with no real progress. It began to take over all my thoughts.

After a couple more years I went to see a therapist. She listened to my problem and said she felt she could help me. Each time that I went, I felt like I was wasting my time. I stopped after a few sessions. I was getting more and more frustrated. My husband and I were able to fool around in other ways but never got close to penetration, as I would just freeze up… He would always tell me that he loved me and we were in this together, but I always felt alone with my problem. I felt so abnormal.

Last year I was searching the web for some information and I came across the Women’s Therapy Center. When I read the testimonials I felt like I was no longer the only one with this problem. It just seemed so far of a ride… Finally, a year later, I still had made no progress and went back to their site and printed out the directions. I called the next morning and made an appointment. Just talking to them on the phone made me sure I had found the right place. My husband was so happy for me.

My first appointment went very well and I couldn’t wait to solve my problem. I came home knowing this was going to work. Each time I went back, it got easier. I was determined to overcome this. After a few weeks, my husband and I were ready to try. I used the exact method they taught me in our sessions and after a few tries and a lot of patience from both of us – we did it! We have both been on cloud nine ever since. I owe Ditza and Ross so much. I feel I could have never done it if I had not found them. I am so glad I have!*

– T.M.

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