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I sent my daughter to cure her vaginismus

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog 10 Apr 2014

Dear Dr. Tabisel and Dr. Katz,

So it is July 15th, 2009.  One year ago I was days away from putting my only daughter on a plane to New York with her boyfriend praying to God that two women I had never met could do something no one else could… cure her of vaginismus.

Jump ahead to today.  She was cured by those two women I never met and we will always be eternally grateful.  Yes, I know that Erin had control over whether she would be cured or not, but I know she saw it as her last option for the normal life she wanted for herself and it was your knowledge, faith in her, patience, and understanding that made that happen.

And what a year she has had!  She went to New York and in two weeks was cured of something that had a part of her life for so many years.  She came home, went back to college where she was on the Deans List for both semesters with a 4.0 average, got engaged, graduated from school, got a job in the high-pressure arena of periodontics, moved to the Bay Area with Jeff, and is planning a beautiful wedding for next May.  What an amazing ride!

Jeff proposed in March, which I know you heard about.  He did everything right, including calling her dad and asking for his permission.  It was a lovely, romantic proposal near Mount Shasta.  Only a handful of people really know the road they had to take to get to this place.

Now as people ask them about children and her dad and I think about being grandparents, we know that nothing is standing in their way.  The relief that gives me is indescribable.  I now look back on her teen years and am filled with sadness as I know that it was not “normal” and understand why she didn’t enjoy that time of her life.  She must have felt so different and awkward.

But she is now a lovely, confident young woman with so much to look forward to.  I am so glad we didn’t wait any longer to send her to you.  Not because of her relationship with Jeff, but because of the enormous weight that was lifted off her shoulders.

I will never forget those daily updates from you.  I think I lived every moment with her. And you were so patient with me!

I heard you have a Facebook page.  I don’t have one, but if I can anonymously help any mom out there, please let me know and I will plug into this whole Facebook thing.  I know I’m not the only mom who needs someone to talk to.

Well, I will probably still never get to meet the women that cured my daughter (although I heard you were invited to the wedding!), but I will never forget you.  Someday I will hold my first grandchild in my arms, thanks to you*.

Forever in my thoughts,

* Results may vary from person to person