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Vaginismus: Private Pain to Public Ecstasy*

Posted by Ditza Katz in Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus Blog 09 Apr 2015

As posted by one of our patients on A Private Pain, our Facebook support group:

Exactly a month and a half ago, Dr. Ross posted a question on my behalf saying, ” A new member wants to know will the treatment work?” I got many encouraging replies from the wonderful ladies.

Still I had my doubts.  I then sent private messages to many members, and had long chats regarding treatment and cure. But the answer from everyone was same: “you will be cured before you know it. Just stick to the program and you will achieve your goal.”

I was really confused but the positivity I got from this group motivated me to go ahead and I religiously did whatever the doctors said . As a result, I am now cured: I did intercourse. Yes, I did it. I still can not believe it but its true. Also I learned to use tampons and became more aware of my own body.

I am really thankful to all the lovely ladies of this Private Pain group on Facebook, especially Megan, Prabhjot and Tazzy, who always encouraged me to go ahead .

I don’t want to mention my past history because I have realized it’s pretty much same of every lady who has suffered from Vaginismus: therapists, gynecologists, treatment expenses, and endless emotional battles . But one thing I would like to mention is that during my last visit to an Obgyn, the lady doctor said , “if you don’t open your legs, I am sending you to a psychiatrist.  This is an incurable thing, and I am a doctor, not a magician!” (Read that in loud insulting voice and imagine my state at that time).  Now I really want to go that doctor and tell her that I am cured, and also that I have found 3 magicians who can cure what you labelled as “incurable.”

These doctors / magicians / Angels are the Women’s Therapy Center team.  Seriously, I have never seen such a caring, compassionate and loving doctors. They don’t consider you as a patient; I feel they consider you as their family member . They help you in every possible way. I really appreciate their holistic approach. I will never ever forget what they have done.

To anyone who’s new to this group, or who has just started the program, I would like to say one little thing: Keep Calm because Vaginismus is definitely curable and very soon your pain will transform to ecstasy*.

Venice Smith (March 2015)

* Results may vary from person to person