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Posted by Ditza Katz in Vaginismus Blog 25 Apr 2014


I used the Vajournal as a way to process the goings-on, sensations, and relationship with my vagina during difficult times suffering from vaginismus (before finding out about the Women’s Therapy Center). It created a new connection to my vagina in a positive way and gave it a space to express itself where it was otherwise seen as a dark, lonely, and sad place.
The image of a unique embroidered vagina on the front of a little notebook reminds me that my vagina is one of a kind and full of creativity and energy. I use the Vajournal for poems, musings, love, recordings, drawings, etc for my vagina. I usually give them as gifts to my lady friends and recently made them for Dr. Ditza, Dr. Ross, Dr. Lauren, and Sloane on my last appointment today!
Sarah Brown (February 2014)