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We had four children yet never consummated our marriage*

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog 10 Apr 2014

Miraculously (or maybe just being extremely fertile), we were able to have four children in six years yet we were still virgins who have not consummated their marriage.

Because of this, we lived a life that was a lie; we were just trying to fit in. I found little information about vaginismus and absolutely no one who specializes in treating it.

After 14 years of marriage, it was the information on the Women’s Therapy Center’s website that intrigued me. I called and set up an appointment, and a day did not go by that I did not worry about what those doctors will do. Canceling was not an option. I knew that if I did cancel, my marriage would be over and what would become of my children?

As I completed the treatment process, I was able to consummate my marriage, and be examined, at last, by my OBGYN who delivered all my children by “C” section never having seen my vagina!

Women’s Therapy Center, may you continue to help many others with this Private Pain*!

– Anonymous

* Results may vary from person to person