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We were concerned with how to afford the treatment so we put it aside for a while…*

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog 17 Mar 2014

Jessica and her husband shared their story with their fellow congregants. Their thoughts and feelings can be shared by women and couples of any culture and any religion — the impact of vaginismus is the same for all.

From the moment I left the Women’s Therapy Center, I have been floating on a cloud. The amount of pride I have in myself is truly beyond words. I have changed and our marriage has changed completely. Not just in a physical way, which we are so happy to finally have, but we are stronger now. We feel free to share our hearts even more than before. We have a future and renewed hope in what’s to come. I was so afraid when I came. I wasn’t just afraid of what I would have to do, but that everything in my life was about to change. For more than 8 years my husband and I had stayed in a perpetual state of complacency. We couldn’t really comprehend anything outside of the way our lives had been, we really had lost hope.

We had discovered the Women’s Therapy Center but were concerned with how we would financially afford it, so we put it aside for a while. Finally, a time came where I decided I had to do whatever it took to solve this problem. I was coming up on my 30th birthday and I asked myself, how long was long enough? I decided then that if I wanted to fix this issue then I would have to be willing to do whatever it took. If that meant baring my soul to friends and family for emotional and spiritual support, whether they would offer it or not, then I would. If that meant sharing my story publically to give this condition exposure so other girls wouldn’t feel so alone, then I should. If that meant swallowing my pride and asking for financial support then I could. I did all of these things and they all helped me get to the day, where I stepped across the threshold of the door at the Women’s Therapy Center with my husband by my side. We had to let go of everything that was holding us back from our happiness and I have no regrets. We just paid back our last dollar that friends loaned us to come and it was worth every penny!

This isn’t just about sex, or going to the gynecologist, or using a tampon, which you will be able to do all these things. This is about YOU! You being free from anxiety, sadness, fear, depression, and pain. Being free of that is truly life-changing! I know now that all of those emotions will sit and wait at the door of your life and you can invite them into what’s happening in your life or you can leave them at the door. I am choosing to leave them at the door.

Ditza and Ross are two unique women who together will help you become the women you have always known you could be. I am so happy to now be on the other side and can share my story. I will never be the same!*

Jessica Hatter

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