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When I came to Ditza and Ross last year, I had been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis*

Posted by womentc in Uncategorized 10 Apr 2014

When I came to Ditza and Ross last year, I had been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Through ten years of intermittent but intense urinary frequency and pain, I visited many doctors and got DMSO treatments that made me hurt and smell bad, antidepressants that made my head feel like it had rolled away from my body, and radical dietary restrictions that made it impossible for me to socialize with anybody. My life was dominated by my “disease.” While I was extremely depressed and in pain, I did believe that I would find a way out of my hell and get better

Ditza and Ross were the only ones of many doctors who took the time to investigate all of the tiny subtleties of my health. After a few “seasons” with them, it became apparent that I had a severe sensitivity to a lot of the art materials I had been working with for years.

With patience and understanding, Ditza and Ross put me on a schedule of herbal and nutritional supplements and expanded my dietary choices. I now know what to stay away from, and how to compose my diet to work with my physiology. I am eating garden tomatoes and drinking orange juice for the first time in ten years. I am even considering looking for a new boyfriend, something it literally hurt to think about six months ago.

I am so grateful to Ditza and Ross for their help. I hope that this may save some time for anyone else who has been misdiagnosed, but who still has hope of getting better. J.R.