5 Facts About Vaginal Orgasms You Need To Know

Posted by Ditza Katz in Uncategorized 19 Feb 2022
  • Can you have an orgasm during intercourse?
  • Are you the ONLY one who does not get aroused to climax during intercourse?
  • In the media it all works so perfectly fine, so why not in my bedroom?

What is a vaginal orgasm?

Vaginal orgasm refers to the woman reaching climax during intercourse. 

From a physiological point of view, vaginal orgasm is no different than an orgasm from non-penetrative sex, just like a male orgasm during intercourse is not different than his orgasms from oral sex, manual sex, etc.  It is all about the experience and sexual preferences.  

here are 5 facts you should know about vaginal orgasm:

Fact 1: Most women do not get aroused by intercourse alone 

Most women do not get aroused by intercourse alone, so consider yourself in normal, healthy company!

Had the presence of the penis in the vagina been arousing, then every tampon would have been a delight, and every gynecologist exam a thrill.  

Fact 2: The vagina is not an erogenous structure

The vagina is not an erogenous structure but a passageway, from the outside to the opening of the uterus (cervix).  

The woman’s main sexual organ is her mind, which must be in the sexual zone in order to ‘get going.’

Fact 3: The clitoris is not inside the vagina

The clitoris is the female’s erogenous structure, the anatomical parallel to the male’s penis.  Do you know where it is located? 

The clitoris is found outside and way north of the vagina, contrary to common perception that it is within the vagina. 

Fact 4: Clitoral Stimulation is necessary for female sexual arousal

Clitoral stimulation, may it be by direct or indirect contact, is necessary for female sexual arousal, hence the concept of foreplay. 

Fact 5: Every woman can have a vaginal orgasm!   

According to the literature, only  20% of  women can get aroused from intercourse alone.  It has to do with the way his penis is aligned and tugging on your labia minora/inner lips and rubbing your clitoris.  It is about your blending physiques.

Every women can experience vaginal orgasm if she is being stimulated while the penis is inside her and moving every so often to stay erect.  As she gets more and more aroused, the penis will thrust faster and faster until they match their rhythms to climax together.

Note: this simultaneous stimulation needs to happen in sexual position/s that allow access to the woman’s clitoris,  and breasts if she likes, such as woman-on-top, side-by-side, modified missionary, doggie style, etc.


A reminder: the clitoris does not self-lubricate and is subject to chafing if not protected.  Apply lube, or saliva if doing oral sex,  as much as needed for comfort and for a more pleasant arousal!