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A Thousand Smiles (a couple’s ode to vaginismus cure)

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A Thousand Smiles


A light is shining brighter now,

like satin and gold, within my eyes

A wall I’ve passed, a mountain moved

And I’ve set aside my old disguise


What once I thought impossible

You proved that I could do

We started small and simple, though

we walked the method through


My true desire began the cure

Then step by step, you knew the plan

I said, “I’m willing, and I am sure”

You said, “Girl, we know you can.”


A thousand thanks from us to you

A thousand smiles, and more to come

A thousand angels thank you too

Like lights of skies, and stars, and suns


We will always remember you

Your patience and your confidence

A wall we’ve passed, a mountain moved

Your help made the difference


– Alicia & Darin (2014)

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