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About conception – what? When? How?

Conception is the process of becoming pregnant, which starts with the sperm penetrating an egg.  You can view a fascinating video of this amazing journey on WebMD.  Once conception occurs, there are further developments before a pregnancy is confirmed.  Assisted reproduction is medical intervention for those not able to conceive naturally.

For conception to happen, ovulation has to occur, an event that takes place somewhere between day 9 and 21 of the cycle (each woman is different).

The sperm can survive inside the woman for up to 5 days during the week leading to ovulation thanks to the receptive hormonal and chemical environment that is present in the woman’s genital system at that time.  Many sperms (over 40 million per single ejaculation) are needed to ensure a successful meeting between one sperm and one egg.  However, sperm concentration may be diminished with frequently repeated ejaculations.

To maximize your chances of conceiving, have intercourse every other day during the week leading to ovulation, or every other day from the last day of your period going forward 7-10 days.  Need a ‘good’ lube during this time? Pre~seed claims to be a fertility-friendly choice.

No, there is no need to stay on your back with your legs up for 20 minutes afterwards…

Don’t want to conceive and not using contraceptive measures? Make sure the penis does not ejaculate close to your vaginal lips/hair during the time frame mentioned above because you can get pregnant even without vaginal penetration!  We had our share of virginal patients who had one or more children by his ejaculation close to the vaginal opening without ever going in…

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