Anxious gyno exam

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus Blog 26 Jun 2009

The reflexive reaction during gynecologic exam is to tighten up the pelvic floor (PC muscles) as the clinician is about to ‘go in.’

The physical fact is that the more you tighten up, the more discomfort you will feel.

So, what is the trick?  Minimizing this reflexive reaction.

As you lie there, feet in stirrups, genitals ‘airing out,’ focus not on the exam (it is not your job anyway) but rather on ‘butt down, legs open, vagina welcoming penetration…’  Keep your breathing at meditation rate – no hyperventilation – and keep telling yourself to just ‘whatever it.’  If you can do that, the exam will be quick and easy.

If you and your vagina are on anxious terms, such as with vaginismus, do your best.  If the exam is not doable, seek treatment and then come back as a WINNER!