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Are all sex therapists competent?

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Sexual counseling, sex therapy, clinical sexology, medical sexology — regardless of the term used, the end goal is to guide the patient toward healthy sexuality.  The trap in the journey is the topic itself: sex and sexuality are a combination of subjective and objective components that evolve throughout the life of a person and are subject to personal, medical, societal, cultural, and religious influences.  Did you find the right guide?

Difficult, you say?  Wait — we haven’t yet brought out the media with its tainted, artificial, unrealistic representation of what we should look and be like in the sex department, a message that surrounds us every day, and with devastating results.

And then, how about the ‘personal’ nature of the topic? Not many people out there are comfortable, or have the vocabulary, to discuss their sexual preferences, breakdowns, frustrations, etc.

Enter the guide – the therapist or counselor or clinician: is that person invited with full privileges? Is that person to be trusted? Is that person influenced by bias or other limitations that will prevent them from providing objective intervention? Is that person knowledgeable or merely quotes from books or the Internet?

Choosing your sexual guide can be tricky.  A well-written recent post by Dr. Klein titled, The Dirty Little Secret of Therapy sums it up and gives good tips how to go about it.  Make sure to read it.

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