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Bamboo Massage by Laura (Spa Week)

Laura, our fine massage therapist, is participating in Spa Week by offering

  1. heated bamboo massage
  2. Swedish massage
  3. Stress Melter

The special price per a 55-minute session is $50 (regular price: $95)

The heated bamboo massage is a unique treatment modality that attracted the attention of Newsday and was featured in their Spa Week article (Spa Week – Bamboo massage by Laura).

  • The process: Bamboo pieces in various sizes are heated and rubbed with rice-bran oil. The warm sticks roll over the skin, helping the technician work deeper into the muscle tissues. The treatment is given on a heated table, and there’s a neck wrap and warm towels around the client’s feet.
  • The benefit: “The wonderful part of the bamboo is that it never gets uncomfortably hot, and the sticks help break up adhesions without discomfort to the patient. For the record: Men are welcome here, too.”

Spa Week specials are available through Saturday, May 3, 2014

Contact us to schedule your session, or call 516.576.1118

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