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Bladder & bowel shyness – won’t use public bathroom

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I cannot use public bathrooms… I am worried about making voiding sounds… What will the woman in the next stall think?… I must hold it in the whole day until I get home… Does that explain my pain and discomfort? And when I get home, I sometime cannot relax to void, which is another problem I now have…”

Sounds familiar?

It is a common problem for many women, which starts with embarrassment and with ‘forgetting’ that everyone does the same thing in the bathroom, and often ends with conditionally-tight pelvic floor muscles that cannot be released for voiding even in the comfort and privacy of one’s home bathroom.


  • Try not to worry about what the others will think
  • If at work, try to use the bathroom when nobody else is there
  • If possible, run the sink while going to the bathroom so muffle some of the sound
  • As you are about to void, take a relaxing breath and ‘tell’ your bottom to relax with it so that voiding can begin
  • Take necessary measures to address the resulting constipation
  • Seek professional help: pelvic floor physical therapy, psychotherapy, medical consult

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  • Robby says:

    Japanese women are known for flushing the toilet repeatedly to mask their farts, turd splashes and pissing noises.
    Just thought you’d be happy to know that many millions of women are embarrassed by practically everything.