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Menopause & Painful Sex


Vaginal applicator – how to

18 May 2009 Posted by womentc in Menopause & Painful Sex, Women's Health

(This post was updated in December 2014, and again in May 2016)A vaginal applicator is used for inserting different preparations into the vagina: medication (i.e. Monistat for infection), hormones (i.e. estrogen, such as Premarin or Estrace), lubricants (i.e. Replens), etc.Some applicator come pre-loaded and are...

Intercourse & bleeding

06 May 2009 Posted by womentc in Menopause & Painful Sex, Painful Sex (Dyspareunia), Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus Blog, Women's Health

An updated version of this post dated November 11, 2020, is available here Not all bleeding/spotting after intercourse suggest a medical crisis. Common, everyday causes may include: Chafing irritation because of dryness/insufficient lubrication. You have vaginismus or dyspareunia -- your vagina is tight (nervous), causing chafing irritation. ...