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Sexual Dysfunction


Finding the G-spot?!

15 May 2014 Posted by Ditza Katz in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health

We are terribly bothered by Dr. Oz's recent feature about the presence of a G-spot in the woman's body, including his statement that it is the woman's responsibility to look for it. Knowing how many women listen to him, we anticipate major crises in the bedroom...

Lubrication vs. moisturizer vs. vaginal Estrogen?

04 Jul 2013 Posted by womentc in Menopause & Painful Sex, Painful Sex (Dyspareunia), Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus Blog, Vulvodynia & Vulvar Vestibulitis

Lubrication vs. moisturizer vs. vaginal Estrogen? These different vaginal preparations can be confusing, and women don't always know when to use which one.  So, let's sort it out. Vaginal moisturizers are the parallel to body/hand lotion, which add moisture to a dry skin, typically by mimicking the chemical...

Rx and Sexual Arousal

19 Mar 2012 Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction

A common concern among women and clinicians is the potentially adverse affect of medications on sexual arousal (libido), especially the SSRI group of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medications. Clinically speaking, we do not find that SSRI medications interfere with libido, unless the woman is on the high end of...

Intercourse – how often?

05 Mar 2012 Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus Blog

The frequency of intercourse depends on the woman's preferences, on having an available partner, on the style of the relationship, on medical/religious involvements, etc. The vagina itself, being the sturdy body part that it is, can handle frequent intercourse as long as the woman listens to...