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Celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary of being healed from vaginismus

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Hi Doctors Ross, Ditza, and Lauren!
Former vaginismus patient K.L. here.  Just wanting to check in with you all and send a happy report from me and my husband as we celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary of being healed from vaginismus! It was this day last year during our treatment at WTC that we experienced sexual intercourse with one another for the first time in our 4 years of marriage because of your treatment program.

We are so thankful every day for the work that you all do at the Women’s Therapy Center. Your work is so important! You change lives and you allow new lives to be born. We are now talking about starting a family together and it is such a joy to even be ABLE to consider that now-it feels like a miracle. We are enjoying our marriage relationship to its fullest extent now, and being able to have sex has caused every other area of our relationship to be more healthy and happy.

We want to say thank you for your dedication, patience, and support of us during our journey to find freedom from vaginismus. You were the only ones who seemed to understand what we were going through, and you gave us a safe, supportive, and healthy place to find healing and hope last summer.

Thank you for allowing God to use you to bring healing into our lives. We praise Him for the gift of sex in our marriage relationship, and we are enjoying it more and more as we discover new things. I am completely pain-free now and have no anticipation or hesitancy upon penetration. My mind and body are finally normal, and it’s the greatest feeling ever!!

Lots of love from Georgia!!


K. L.
(Treated in June 2015)

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  • Lauren says:

    Just seeing your post, did you do the two week program? I just found this center/website today after another disheartening obgyn appointment 🙁 I’m also in the Atlanta area

    • Ditza Katz says:

      Yes, she did the 2-week program. Contact us (doctors@woment.com) if you are interested in more info about our treatment program. There is no reason to live with vaginismus!