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Choosing sexual positions is an inevitable component of sexual intimacy.

  • Most partners will vary positions so as to reduce boredom
  • Men will typically opt for more of a variety than women
  • The position of choice will vary due to physical considerations, such as painful intercourse, injury, pregnancy, post childbirth, surgery, comfort of bedding (or wherever the act takes place), age, or Peyronie’s disease.
  • Some positions are more favored by men because they afford a deeper penetration and/or a more ‘active’ thrusting  (hopefully, with the woman’s consent!)
  • Sometime women will opt for ‘lazy’ positions that do not require much physical work
  • Erectile dysfunction may require modifications
  • Religious/cultural considerations are a factor
  • Simultaneous arousal and climax by both partners during intercourse requires a position where her clitoris is accessible for stimulation
  • The use of sexual toys will also determine the desired position
  • Sexual orientation is another consideration

The list goes on.

However, not everyone has a repertoire of positions; and some partners are reluctant or are too inhibited to move away from the one and only position they ‘are good at;’ sometime one partner rules the act while the other submits.

And then there is the media with its hyped, oversexualized depiction of what ‘good sex’ or ‘the perfect sex’ are all about…

Choose a position that makes you happy and comfortable.

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