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Cleaning the clitoris

Is there a need to clean the clitoris, and how should it be done?

Typically speaking, there is no need to clean the clitoris beyond the basic genital hygiene practice.  However, women often find ‘stuff’ accumulating under the clitoral hood that is bothersome, which may sometimes irritate: dry skin, dried up lotion, a residue of topical medication/s, genital powder, etc.

How to clean the clitoris & clitoral hood

If you want to clean it beyond the just-rinse-the-area method, take a bath: add a few drops of baby oil to the water and let the warm, oily water take care of it.  Make sure to place a towel at the bottom of the tub to avoid slipping.

If you need to go one step farther, dip a Q-tip in baby oil or Aquaphor healing ointment and VERY GENTLY swipe under the clitoral hood.  Be cautioned not to force it and not to rub hard — you want to avoid injury to this sensitive area.

Are you still bothered by it? Can’t clean it? Ask your OBGYN provider to help.

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vaginismus specialist Dr. Ditza Katz team member Women's Therapy Center
  • Ditza Katz December 16, 2019 at 8:49 pm / Reply

    Hoping you are not going so rough as to irritate/self injure the clitoris…
    We suggest you discuss your questions with you doctor. We cannot give any advice without seeing you.

  • Jay August 24, 2018 at 9:22 am / Reply

    So, this is going to be long. I am a 33 y/o woman and I just had my first Pap smear and STI Screening 2 months ago. I’m STI free, but I had an abnormal Pap smear and had to do a colcoscopy last week. I haven’t gotten the results back yet, but hopefully it’s good. Anywho, I also had BV and was prescribed some antibiotics. Now that I’m far more educated on vaginal health than just the simple “stay clear of smelly soaps” routine. I am quite concerned for my lady parts. Should I be cleaning under my clitoris hood on daily basis? I just did it for the first time and quite a bit of stuff was there. The same consistency and color of the creamy crud that I clean out of my navel. And to be honest, I’m concerned about oral sex and my vagina now. Should I be? What steps can I take to ensure health? Btw, this page was helpful.

    • Ditza Katz August 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm / Reply

      No need to clean the clitoris beyond basic washing and rinsing, unless your doctor says otherwise. And the same with oral sex. But, when in doubt, check with your doctor because they have examined you.

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