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Completely overcome vaginismus

Completely overcome vaginismus

Posted by womentc in Vaginismus 20 Feb 2014

Every woman who suffers from vaginismus would like to completely overcome vaginismus so she can move on with life in a ‘normal’ manner.  But, how does she go from finding the name (vaginismus) for her ‘problem,’ to finding the right treatment, to reaching a cure that will last forever?

For those who can self-treat, the road may be short and efficient; but for most, it will be many-years long, quite frustrating, and often never-ending.  Furthermore, despite the Internet providing access to resources like never before, the medical field is still dismissive or ignorant about vaginismus, treatment options are varied and not standardized, and women are hard-pressed to find expert clinicians in their locale.

Curing Vaginismus

Curing vaginismus has nothing to do with sex or sexual arousal because the vagina can, and should, perform in ‘neutrality’ (without arousal), or inserting a tampon, or undergoing a gynecologic exam or vaginal ultrasound would have been desired sexual thrills…

To cure vaginismus, the woman must not only assume ownership over her vagina and all vaginal penetrations but also recognize the associated anxiety/panic and resolve it to the point of it never ‘ruling’ her vagina again.

Indeed, patience and expert guidance are needed to merge the vagina and the mind into a harmonious relationship  that can withstand the test of time, which defines ‘completely overcoming vaginismus.’

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