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Conquering Vaginismus Together

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Breanna knew about her primary vaginismus from age 12 when she could not use a tampon, although she did not know the actual name of the condition until age 19.  But she suspected that something was wrong with her because she could not be like her peers.

In a heartwarming video titled Conquering Vaginismus Together, Breanna and Dave describe their long journey with vaginismus, including the many treatments that failed her, the pauses she took from fighting for a solution when she felt she was hitting a dead-end, the toll the condition took on their relationship, and her ongoing struggle with the underlying anxiety.

Both Breanna and Dave are candid with their most intimate details,  and with their joy of finally having found a cure.  They also share their skepticism about coming to us from the ‘other side of the world,’ and how they sorted it out.

Thank you, Breanna and Dave, for your admirable openness, which will undoubtedly inspire others as they struggle with the devastating impact of vaginismus.

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