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Coronavirus – finding an opportunity

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Hi everyone,

Hoping this message finds you socially-distanced, and healthy.  

We surely live in a historic, surreal time like none of us has experienced before.  This invisible, still-mostly-unknown enemy is unsettling, and  provoking deep and destructive forces such as being frightened, threatened, vulnerable, out-of-control, isolated, stuck, insecure, and hopeless, to name a few. 

Life got interrupted on all levels.  Our sense of comfort disappeared.  Business and financial security are challenged.  Family relationships are completely altered.  Patience and tolerance are being tested to the max.  First responders are exhausted and scared.  We hear more and more of those who got sick, and the unfortunates who died. Safety is now defined as existence within one’s own walls, at best…  The list goes on.

But if we step out of the frame for a moment and take a look in, the Coronavirus placed us all in an intersection, handed us the option to go one way, or another.  

We can either submit to despair, to feeling victimized, get depressed, struggle to find a purpose, feel doomed, angry… 

Or, we can find an opportunity even if the road is pointing upward:

  • Recognize that a change is not necessarily bad;
  • Befriend the unknown;
  • You still own yourself – take a good inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, mistakes that need correction, set realistic goals, etc.;
  • Assess what is important in your life & to your life, and delete the rest;
  • Re-evaluate relationships, connect, reconnect, discard the toxic;
  • Examine your intimate relationship during this testing times – how is your communication? Are you working together or against each other? Have you developed necessary tools to deal with this crisis? Are you taking turns minding the (bored, annoying) kids? Have you lost sight of respect for each other? How are you managing differences now that you live so together-all-the-time? Are you still one strong team and watching each other’s back? Is there any sign of uncalled for anger, or abuse?
  • Sexual intimacy is safe with your in-house (= social distance unit) partner. remain connected! 
  • Mind your physical health for it nourishes your emotional & mental health as well;
  • Don’t be pressured by others or by the media – embrace who you are and stand strong;
  • Enrich your soul: hobbies, old and new.  Expand your horizons. Find a new interest;
  • Develop a fiscal plan to endure the storm;
  • Got plans interrupted, including medical intervention? Take a deep breath, exhale, breath again, be patient;
  • Do get dressed daily, groom yourself, make sure you like who you see in the mirror– it is all about the quality of YOUR life.

So, is it the easy slide down to the black hole, or is it turning on the boosters and walking up the hill?  

You have a choice for self-betterment, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We know which way we turn.  Hoping you will join us.  We will lend you a helping hand, if needed. 

Chag Pesach Same’ach! Happy Easter! Ramadan Kareem!

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