Cutting Contact With Abusive Family is Not a Sin

Posted by Ditza Katz in Women's Health 01 Aug 2017

We often counsel patients about their rights, robbed away by abusive relationships with a family member, a partner, a work associate, etc.  The most tender situation is when the woman suffered abuse by a family member, especially when she was a young and impressionable, and not yet able to understand and fight the crime.

Of note: abuse includes verbal, emotional, physical, sexual — either and all are horrific.

Although her instincts (gut feelings never lie!) will flag danger, the child will succumb to pressure, coercion, bribe, guilt, shame, etc., accepting the abuse but rebelling on the inside.  This conflict will haunt her forever unless sorted out promptly, including reclaiming her rights.

Disengaging from an abusive family member is tough because so often the woman feels ‘stuck’ or ‘obligated’ to remain loyal to the family.