Depression and anxiety in pregnancy – impact on mother and child

Posted by Ditza Katz in Women's Health 28 Aug 2018

Through the years, we have been emphasizing maternal emotional health before, during, and after birth because of the vital role it plays in the mother’s life, and in baby’s development.

The past two years have shown a spike in research substantiating that notion, and a thrust to have OBGYNs embed maternal mental and emotional health into their routine obstetric plan of care.

The latest research in this area just came out, titled Association of Prenatal Maternal Depression and Anxiety Symptoms With Infant White Matter Microstructure.  Simply stated, “Our study suggests that moderate levels of maternal depression and anxiety symptoms during pregnancy were associated with variations in the brain’s white matter microstructure or ‘wiring’ at one month of age.”

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An update as of August 29, 2018:  on today, Panel: Doctors Should Focus on Preventing Depression in Pregnant Women, New Moms.  A transcript of the panel discussion is available here.

Spread the word.  Be attuned to depression and anxiety.  Talk to your doctor or mental health provider.  Be proactive!