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Do females ejaculate when they orgasm, like men do? What is female ejaculation?  Is something wrong with me if I do not ejaculate?

Ejaculation (sexually speaking) is defined as the ejection/expulsion/blurting out of the male’s ejaculate (sperm + seminal fluid), done with a certain momentum so as to promote its entrance into the cervix.

What is the female to eject? To where?  And for what purpose?

It is a myth that women ejaculate: there is no ejaculatory mechanism to be found in the female genitals; the vagina is a recipient, not a deliverer, during sexual intercourse.  Don’t believe this? Read this fascinating study done with couples having intercourse while inside an MRI machine. It also clearly establishes that a G-Spot does not exist…

However, some women and/or partners will claim that fluids do come out of their vagina!  In order to clarify, let’s list what can be misinterpreted as ejaculation:

  • The female tends to be a heavy lubricator to the point of some leakage
  • The urethra (urine tube) expels residual urine
  • The muscle contraction associated with an orgasm pushes out of the vagina residual mucus/lubrication
  • The expulsion of fluids from the paraurethral ducts/Skene glands
  • Any combination of the above

Conclusion: female ejaculation is non-existent unless/until advanced medical testing will prove otherwise.

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