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Female ejaculation?

Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health 10 May 2010

Do females ejaculate when they orgasm, like men do? What is female ejaculation?  Is something wrong with me if I do not ejaculate?

Ejaculation (sexually speaking) is defined as the ejection/expulsion/blurting out of the male’s ejaculate (sperm + seminal fluid), done with a certain momentum so as to promote its entrance into the cervix.

What is the female to eject? To where?  And for what purpose?

It is a myth that women ejaculate: there is no ejaculatory mechanism to be found in the female genitals; the vagina is a recipient, not a deliverer, during sexual intercourse.  Don’t believe this? Read this fascinating study done with couples having intercourse while inside an MRI machine. It also clearly establishes that a G-Spot does not exist…

However, some women and/or partners will claim that fluids do come out of their vagina!  In order to clarify, let’s list what can be misinterpreted as ejaculation:

  • The female tends to be a heavy lubricator to the point of some leakage
  • The urethra (urine tube) expels residual urine
  • The muscle contraction associated with an orgasm pushes out of the vagina residual mucus/lubrication
  • The expulsion of fluids from the paraurethral ducts/Skene glands
  • Any combination of the above

Conclusion: female ejaculation is non-existent unless/until advanced medical testing will prove otherwise.