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First time intercourse – will it hurt for sure?

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Not necessarily.

First time sexual intercourse may be painful or uncomfortable because

  • You are nervous and worried, which will make your vagina dry and tight;
  • You may have an intact hymen (note: being a virgin does not guarantee the presence of a hymen!);
  • You are engaging in ‘doing it’ despite feeling guilty, or doubting yourself, your motives, your religious principles, etc.
  • You are worried about getting pregnant or about getting an infection;
  • You did not have The Talk about sexually transmitted infections and he is not about to use a condom…
  • You are being pressured or forced into it;
  • Certain medical conditions such as vaginismus or Peyronie’s disease;

If none of the above applies to you, if the sexual encounter is welcomed, loving, positive, and respectful , and it you have lubrication on hand for just in case — it may go smoothly and without any adversity despite the circulating misconception that the ‘first time always hurts.’

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