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Flavored lubricants

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Why use a flavored lubricant for oral sex?

  • To add fun – who wants boring sex?
  • To add variety –  different flavors, colors, and packages
  • To improve sexual communication – try new things, tell what you like, fantasize if you wish
  • To mask the genital smell – not everyone cares for ‘natural odors’
  • For added clitoral lubrication

Shop around for the one you like and make sure it agrees with your genitals (no reaction).  Water-base & sugar-free products are good options to explore.   Convenient dispensers are a plus.  Ladies, stay away from the mint flavor as it tends to irritate the vulva.

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  • John says:

    Is it safe to use a flavored lube for clit area? I know that flavored lube cannot be used for vaginal sex, cause it can cause yeast infection. But can the same be if I’m using it for clitoral stimulation?

    • Ditza Katz says:

      Flavored lubricants are typically made for sexual activities and are safe on the genitals; follow packaging instructions. Some women opt to use sugar-free flavored lubricants.