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His erection and you…

Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health 05 Feb 2010

Why do women tend to feel responsible if their male partner loses erection? Or to quote, “what am I doing wrong that he went soft?”

  • Can the woman control the function of erection?
  • Is it something wrong she does that causes him to lose it?
  • Should the woman be expected to ensure a good erection?
  • Is it fair to blame her for his losing it?

It is still widely perceived that women are responsible for the male’s sexual pleasure and that they are to do all they can to ensure his satisfaction.  This notion is deeply rooted in ancient perception of sex, sexuality, and gender inequality; thus far, neither enlightenment nor science managed to bring a change.

Some cultures and religions enforce this imbalance by implying that the man will suffer if not sexually serviced…  Medical school curriculum includes sexuality teaching from the male’s point of view, with only a few minutes devoted to female sexuality.  The media is firmly tilted as well, pressuring women to be and act sexy ‘like in the movies…’  And then there is a general lack of knowledge by the public about what female sexuality is all about.

Let’s all embrace a change.

And ladies — you are not responsible if he loses it!