I can feel the tampon…

Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus Blog, Women's Health 05 Jun 2011

Yes, sometime you can feel the tampon inside you.

Why is that?  Because it is either

  • Not inserted all the way in (a common reason), or
  • It was placed a bit sideways, in an angle (not so common a reason)

Can you fix the tampon that is inside you? You can try, but most of the time it is easier to just pull it out and insert a new one instead = make sure to have a spare tampon on hand…

Once a tampon is in position, you should not feel it until it is totally soaked and in need of immediate replacement.

Most women change a tampon sooner than that anyway but, if you are a heavy bleeder, you may experience a ‘full’ tampon on your heavy days.  Going swimming may also give the same sensation of ‘fullness’ as the tampon get soaked with water.

On a side note, women with vaginismus may not be comfortable (mentally and/or physically) with tampons, but this is a different issue from routine tampon use.