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I can feel the tampon…

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Yes, sometime you can feel the tampon inside you.

Why is that?  Because it is either

  • Not inserted all the way in (a common reason), or
  • It was placed a bit sideways, in an angle (not so common a reason)

Can you fix the tampon that is inside you? You can try, but most of the time it is easier to just pull it out and insert a new one instead = make sure to have a spare tampon on hand…

Once a tampon is in position, you should not feel it until it is totally soaked and in need of immediate replacement.

Most women change a tampon sooner than that anyway but, if you are a heavy bleeder, you may experience a ‘full’ tampon on your heavy days.  Going swimming may also give the same sensation of ‘fullness’ as the tampon get soaked with water.

On a side note, women with vaginismus may not be comfortable (mentally and/or physically) with tampons, but this is a different issue from routine tampon use.

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