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I ran away from my vaginismus for 16 years, until now…

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We are touched by the sincerity and intimate sharing of Jo’s story, recorded¬†today with the hope to inspire others NOT to live with vaginismus but rather to seek help as soon as possible.¬† To quote her:

I first met the doctors of the Women’s Therapy Center back in 2001 but I was not ready to face the treatment. I did not believe vaginismus can be conquered and I ran away from it for the next 16 years. But when I called again in 2017 I was ready having lost a marriage to the condition, the ability to bear children because of a recently-diagnosed breast and lymphatic cancer, and the death of a second, much beloved husband who made me promise to cure my vaginismus. Having just completed the treatment process (was easy!), I now know that vaginismus does not have to be lived with!”

You can watch her video on YouTube and on our website (scroll down a few paragraph to the video).

Thank you, Jo, for showing us what bravery and being strong is all about — you are a true inspiration!

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