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I was hoping something will rip open down there…

The following was shared by a sport-oriented patient with primary vaginismus as she was being examined during the first treatment session: “In the past, I was hoping that squatting into the catcher’s position will cause something to rip down there and I can then consummate my marriage.”

It is not unusual for women with primary vaginismus to perceive their vagina as being ‘closed’ or ‘blocked,’ especially because the vagina is invisible and cannot be self-inspected.  Another frequent statement is “It feels like hitting a wall.”

In reality, it is rare to have restrictions, and there is definitely no wall inside the vagina.  Most virgins with primary vaginismus will not have a hymen, or will have a partial hymen, yet will still feel ‘closed’ or ‘blocked.’  This is because primary vaginismus is about a reactionary closure, not a structural limitation.

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