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Inspecting the vagina?

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  • Do women need to regularly inspect their genitals/vagina?
  • Is a mirror needed to find the vaginal opening?

Not really.

You do not require a mirror to find your mouth when eating, do you? Same with the vagina!

Women have an inherent sense of their vaginal opening and if they allow their natural instinct to lead them, they will arrive at just the right spot: a bit too high, and you hit the urethra; higher yet — the clitoris; a bit too low and you bump against the perineal body, the skin area that separates the genitals from the rectal opening; and way too low — well, everyone knows their rectal opening!

However, feel free to pull out the mirror and look if you are learning about your genitals for the first time; or if you feel an irritation and wish to inspect; or if you shave/clip the pubic hair, etc. – – these would be considered ‘maintenance’ issues and you can use whatever is needed to do the job.

Note: the skin color in the genitals may change in response to your current hormonal state, your level of hydration, as a reaction to chafing irritation, sweating, prolonged sexual activities, etc. There is no need to get alarmed nor get hung up on it being ‘too red, or too white’ unless you have symptoms that need medical attention.

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