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Intercourse & cleaning

Posted by womentc in Sexual Dysfunction, Women's Health 16 Jul 2010
  • What happens to his semen inside my vagina?
  • Do I need to clean my vagina after he ejaculates? Is his semen safe?
  • How do I clean it?

These are common questions and with a good cause: a liquid is deposited in the vagina and you want to know what to do about it.  So, here is the short scoop:

  1. The ejaculate (semen + seminal fluid that keeps it alive) is safe to your vagina.
  2. The ejaculate can be left in the vagina without further action: some of it will leak out immediately (the ‘wet spot’), some will be absorbed by the body, and the rest will come out later on as a jelled blob.
  3. Some women prefer to shower and rinse out the genital lips afterward.
  4. Some women prefer to rinse out the vagina.  For that purpose, use a douche bottle, fill it with lukewarm water, insert into the vagina and rinse out.  NEVER use scented or medicinal products unless instructed by your doctor.