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  • Should I, or shouldn’t I have intercourse during my period?
  • Is it safe/healthy/okay to have intercourse during my period?
  • Can I get pregnant if having intercourse during my period?
  • Do men mind having intercourse when the woman is menstruating?
  • Is intercourse during menstruation as sexually enjoyable as at other times?

The decision whether to have intercourse during menstruation is a personal one: some do, some don’t, other do sometimes.  Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong or dangerous with going forward with it.  Those who won’t will typically refrain because it may be quite a messy deal, or because it is not aesthetically appealing to them, or because of cultural/religious restrictions.

Risk of pregnancy? None.

Men’s feeling about it? Its personal — some mind, others do not, and some will only ‘do it’ if wearing a condom.

As sexually arousing as at other times? For some it is the same, while for others it is much more arousing because they are free from worrying about the risk of pregnancy.

Will it intensify the bleeding? Yes, because of the penis’ tapping against the cervix/uterus during thrusting, ‘shaking’ out what will appear as an increased blood volume.  You need not worry about it — it is merely a mechanical issue that has nothing to do with the uterine’s lining nor the hormones associated with menstruation.  The good thing? You may be done with your period sooner than usual…

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