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Intercourse – how long?

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Is it really about how long a time it lasts, or about the level of satisfaction it brings?

For women out there: can your vagina handle ‘the longer the better’ intercourse without chafing irritation?

And what about the fact that most women are not aroused during sexual intercourse — how long would they want to have the penis inside them? Could be a very long laundry list…

Our clinical experience suggests that most sexual encounters follow a pattern of satisfying the woman first, followed by intercourse for the male’s satisfaction. In that common scenario, women do prefer a short & sweet intercourse.

However, we can see a desire for a longer lasting intercourse when couples engage in simultaneous stimulation: ‘working on her’ while his penis is inside her and thrusting just enough to maintain arousal, timing it to climax in tandem with her.

Stopwatch anyone?

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  • Exhibit C says:

    How large a sample size do we need?

  • criticaldemocracy says:

    It all depends on mood, energy level, individual desires, mutual desires, scheduling constrants, length of time between sessions of intercourse, age, experience, experience shared among particular partners, physical conditioning, past traumas, temperature, diet, culture. Ok, now design a statistical study taking all these variables into account 🙂