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Intercourse – how often?

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The frequency of intercourse depends on the woman’s preferences, on having an available partner, on the style of the relationship, on medical/religious involvements, etc.

The vagina itself, being the sturdy body part that it is, can handle frequent intercourse as long as the woman listens to it = ‘vaginal management:’

  • Lubrication: use lubricants if/when you feel the slightest of chafing/heat spot sensation to avoid irritation and/or emotional distress;
  • Arousal: not mandatory for sexual intercourse to take place as penetration should be available regardless.
  • Repeat intercourse in the same day/hour: go for it if you’d like but mind your comfort and use lubrication as needed.
  • Preferences: say NO if you do not want to do it again so soon!  With the penis being a visitor in your vagina, it is about your choice.

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  • Monica says:

    Vaginal management – love it. It helped me a lot when you told me to think of it as the weather forecast but in terms of the vagina, now I know not to freak out at the first sign of discomfort 🙂 thanks Dr. Ditza