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Love gyno exam?

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Who loves going to the doctor for a gynecologic (pelvic) exam?

Nobody really, just like not loving going to the dentist and having all that work done in the mouth.   But, we do them all for health reason, for preventive or corrective medical intervention.

Gyno exams should be done in neutrality – neither loving nor hating them.   The woman should be able to lay there (yea, heels in stirrups, air flowing into the vagina, we know…), keeping her butt down and her vagina relaxed while allowing this quick procedure to take place.  For a great video, click here.

To help assume such a positive attitude, you may want to understand what will be done and never hesitate to ask the clinician to give you a hand-held mirror and to show you the ‘inside’ of your vagina — it is yours and you should know what it looks like.

Knowledge is power, and power is control.  Do not delay your next pelvic exam; reward yourself afterward with something that you can love!

P.S.  Some women will not be able to have a gyno exam ‘in neutrality’ because of vaginismus, menopausal vagina, cancer treatment, severe anxiety, history of sexual abuse/trauma, or other conditions that may interfer.  We encourage them to seek professional help to resolve those road blocks.

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