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Marital Rape, Gender Equality, Vaginal Rights

Is a wife the property of the husband?

By ignoring violence about women, do governments imply that, “Women, you don’t own your bodies and we won’t protect you?”

By signing the marriage contract, some men think that women’s bodies are their properties. By accepting the social norms and interiorizing the patriarchy, most women don’t challenge these assumptions…

Societal, political and cultural forces shape women’s experiences and beliefs about their own bodies.

Ikram Ben Said, a Feminist and Founder of Voices of Women, opined a compelling message titled, Women’s Bodies: The New Battlefield of Tunisian Lawmakers, in which she discusses the above and more.

Ms. Ben Said’s message is clear: “Our first right ever as women is to own the space that we spend our lives in: Our bodies.

We cannot agree more, and stand behind Ms. Ben Said and her international efforts to do all that is possible to promote her movement.  Please join us by sharing and advocating.




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