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Menopause and painful sex – do I care?

The decline in estrogen levels has a profound effect on the woman, and on her ‘shriveling’ vagina.  The thought of penetrative sex (intercourse) will present a challenge because of associated friction irritation and pain.  Add to it a woman’s natural decline in sexual interest and you may hear the following conversations between partners:

  • Conversation #1: “I am done and so is my vagina. You can do whatever you want (sexually) but don’t bother me.”
  • Conversation #2: “Are you kidding me? I have just started treatment to stretch my tight vagina and you already have ideas of us experimenting with you penis???  No way!”
  • Conversation #3: “I am worried that my penis will not function (erectile dysfunction) by the time your vagina is back in action, so let’s do something now…”
  • Conversation #4: “I am undergoing treatment just for you, which is no easy task.  Personally, I don’t care if we ever have intercourse again.”
  • Conversation #5: “Do you miss the days when we were into it, and it was fun, and easy?  Yes, I do miss them too.”

And lastly, from an 80-something patient who called with the following: “I need to come in and fix my vagina so I can keep up with my husband now that he is on Viagra!”  And she did.  And they were happy…

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