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Mind over orgasm…

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The patient was in her 40s, and has had multiple partners over the years.  Her presenting complaint is the inability to become sexually aroused and climax. Except twice in her life:

  • When she was a teenager, masturbation was satisfying and she was enjoying sexual arousal until her Mom caught her ‘in action’ and told her to stop because enjoying it ‘will increase your sexual appetite’ therefore implying it to be a bad thing.  The woman, being a ‘good daughter’ and eager to please, heeded Mom’s advice.  She became sexually shutdown from that age forward.
  • Two decades later, she became enamored with a man who was not too keen on a committed relationship and only met the woman when it suited him.  Feeling emotional desperate, she put aside all inhibitions and had a most enjoyable sexual encounter, including climaxing.  Sadly, it was just a one-time event because he left, and she returned to her sexual shutdown mode.

Another decade later, in an unsatisfying long term relationship, the woman decided to seek help for awakening her ‘inner self.’

Her journey is hopeful because she is willing to work hard at reversing inhibitions in both body and mind.

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