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My vagina is not what I envisioned it to be…

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From a patient with primary vaginismus during her first gynecologic examination with us, looking at her vagina through an open speculum:

It is not what I envisioned it to be… During all my years of struggling with vaginismus, I always thought of my vagina as raw, red, sad… But now, looking at it through the open speculum — it is simple, just a tunnel, nothing more, and it gives life!  This experience is so amazing and powerful.  Now I know that my vagina is a part on ME…”

We never grow tired of witnessing the transformation from living by misconceptions about the (invisible) vagina to a healthy woman who owns her body.

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  • JMac says:

    The vagina is a wonderful thing

    It’s the crown jewel of the most beautiful creation God has given to Man.

    It should be worshiped and loved. It is where life begins. And where most men spend the rest of their life trying to get back into. The problem is that many men do not respect the beauty and majesty of the vagina.

    Blessed is the woman that finds a man that sees that inner beauty and majesty of that life giving canal where human life begins