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Orgasm exercises?

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The vaginal wall is lined with involuntary muscles that keep it functional.   We cannot exercise these muscles nor command them to move this way or that way.

However, the area also has voluntary muscles that you can command, commonly known as the PC muscles, which participate in the Kegel exercises = tightening and relaxing these muscles as if squeezing the vagina shut.  These are good exercises to do for overall pelvic floor health or when instructed by your health care provider because of certain medical conditions.

Did you know that these PC muscles are also the ones that give you an orgasm? Yes, it is a unique phenomenon — they quiver, contract, and squeeze as you are enjoying the culmination of sexual arousal.  Many women also instinctively contract them in a rhythmic manner during intercourse, squeezing the penis to the man’s delight.

Important: an orgasm is often associated with intercourse, which is incorrect: an orgasm can be experienced by stimulating the clitoris without any vaginal penetration.

So ladies, you have 2 ways to keep your vagina in shape: Kegel exercises and (lots of) orgasms.

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